If you have concerns regarding the integrity of CIBC accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, we have a confidential and anonymous hotline to submit reports.

How and Where to Report

Reporting via Telephone: Persons should call the dedicated Ethics Hotline operated by Navex Global using the numbers available in the chart below. The lines will be available on a 24 hour/365 days basis. Any calls made to the Ethics Hotline will be answered by trained interviewing staff and will be treated in strict confidence. Navex Global is an independent, third party supplier that has been selected to provide this confidential and anonymous communication channel for submitting your reports.

Reporting via E-Mail

CIBC FirstCaribbean employees and other stakeholders may also make disclosures by sending email to nwclaims@tnwinc.com.

Reporting via Post

Complaints in writing should be addressed to: Navex Global 333 Research Court, Suite 100 Norcross, GA 30092 NB.: Other companies are also using this address for reports; you MUST indicate that the report relates to CIBC Caribbean.

Reporting via Fax

Stakeholders can also contact Navex Global via Fax to report their concerns using Fax #: 1 770-409-5008.

Ethics Hotline Telephone Numbers Instructions: Persons in countries from which it is necessary to call collect should remember that there is no caller ID engaged; therefore the operator cannot see the number from which you are calling. Also remember to state you are calling about CIBC Caribbean when asked by the operator.

Territory Toll Free Number Collect Call only
Antigua 866-252-1814 -
The Bahamas - 678-250-7589
Barbados 866-252-1814 -
British Virgin Islands - 678-250-7589
Cayman Islands 866-252-1814 -
Jamaica 866-252-1814 -
St. Lucia - 678-250-7589
St. Kitts - 678-250-7589
St. Maarten - 678-250-7589
Turks and Caicos - 678-250-7589
Trinidad  866-252-1814 -


You Are Protected

This reporting system is confidential and anonymous so you should feel comfortable using it.

CIBC Caribbean employees are protected against termination, demotion or any other adverse consequence to their employment when making a valid report.

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