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How important is it to you, that your business and family survive an unexpected life event?

Business Banking Group Creditor Life Insurance is designed to provide protection for commercial/ business debt in the case of an unfortunate or unforeseen event involving one of the principals of a business. Insurance coverage extends to the following Business Banking Lending Products:

Business Banking Term Loans | Business Banking Mortgages

Maximum Business Banking Coverage: USD 250K. It's a simple, convenient way to provide Credit Protection for you and your family members and business partners.
My business… knowing I’m covered.


Business Banking Group Creditor Insurance 


Business Banking Group Creditor Life

Group Creditor Insurance provides the following coverage:

  • Life – protects the life of the insured/cardholder in the event of early death.
  • Total Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Occupational – protects the insured if he/she has been continuously, permanently and totally disabled for a minimum of 180 days and is unable to engage in any occupation or employment for compensation or profit for which the Insured Person is reasonably qualified by training or experience.
  • Critical Illness (CI) – protects the insured if he/she is diagnosed as suffering from cancer, stroke, myocardiac infarctus, renal failure, multiple sclerosis, bypass surgery or organ transplant.
  • Accidental Dismemberment (AD) – protects the insured if he/she sustains bodily injuries effected solely through external and purely accidental means and within one hundred and eighty (180) days after such injuries are sustained, suffers the loss of sight or limb as a direct result of such injuries and independently of all other causes.

Group Creditor Life:

  • Helps protect family from financial hardship and worry
  • Protects your financial obligation to the bank if the unexpected occurs
  •  Is affordable – you’ll benefit from group rates as opposed to purchasing an individual policy to cover your outstanding obligation
  • Is part of a sound financial plan and helps you manage your personal business risk
  • Claims process is simple and straight-forward








Who is eligible?

The applicants must be liable for the credit facility in whole or part, either directly or as a guarantor or endorser. Up to three (3) persons may apply.


Claims Process

  • Prompt claims settlement
  • Claims proceeds can be deposited directly to your CIBC FirstCaribbean bank account


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Business Banking Group Creditor Insurance offers excellent service, with prompt and compassionate claims response. Whether for personal or business purposes, your policies can be bundled to meet your individual needs and save you money. Our dedicated staff are willing and able to find the perfect solution for you. Secure your ability to meet any mishap with insurance that’s strong and responsive.