POS & Payment Processing

If it’s not easy, what’s the point?

We recognize that simple and cost effective point of sale and payment solutions make it easier for your customers to buy, which in turn makes it easier for you to be profitable and grow. At CIBC we offer simple, inexpensive solutions that allow your business to run smoothly.



Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

Our point of sale terminals allow you to process all major card types including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, Local Debit, Network Branded debit cards.

Wired Point of sale Terminals:

These terminals function as printer solutions, generate sales totals and can process dual currency payments. Connectivity can be achieved through your Internet connection or dial-up.

Wireless Point of Sale Terminals:

These are driven by GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity and are ideal for businesses on the move that want to process payments anytime, anywhere.

Contactless POS:

Contactless-enabled terminals allow your customers to pay for small purchases with just a tap of their contactless debit or credit card. Contactless technology makes the shopping experience faster, safer and more convenient for your clients. To learn more about contactless payments, click here >.



Payment Processing Solutions for Merchants

What’s your business? Our flexible payment solutions support all business sectors including: retail, tourism and hospitality, financial services, public, professional services and contractors. So whether you’re a florist or a financial advisor, build houses or run a bar, we have payment processing solutions that will work for you.


PC-Based Processing:

As an alternative to point of sale systems, you can also process credit cards through your business’ own computer system with one of the gateways integrated to our processing platform.

PC-Based Processing allows you to:

  • Access detailed reporting and accounting
  • Create user profiles for greater access control



Fygaro is an all-in-one online software platform that provides many of the tools needed to run a business, including payments (accept card payments via social media, e-mail or chat apps); invoicing; accounting; a web store builder; and logistics support. Fygaro’s e-commerce tools can be used by businesses and companies of any size, who pay only a flat monthly fee.


To learn more, visit www.fygaro.com



Simple and Seamless:

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) and Payment Processing Solutions are supported by electronic statements to make reconciliation of your business transactions simple.

Our technical team will work with your company to ensure seamless implementation of the right solution for your business. Contact us  here >.


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