Did you know that your money earns higher returns when you deposit a lump sum with CIBC Caribbean for a fixed period of time? That’s the value of a fixed deposit; a proven and reliable way to invest and earn more interest.

If you have money set aside that you foresee no immediate need for, Fixed Deposits will put it to good use. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your principal is safe and the interest is fully guaranteed.

When you are:

  • Saving towards a goal and want to reach it faster
  • Looking for a way to diversify your portfolio with a low-risk product.
  • Seeking to balance growth, income and savings
  • A retiree: The interest earned from one or more fixed deposits is an excellent supplemental source of income.
  • A business: Your company’s surplus cash can generate greater interest and remain secure.
  • A charitable organisation, group, or community service association: Take advantage of higher interest earnings.



Non-Redeemable Term Deposit:

This option offers the best interest rates and will become accessible at the agreed maturity date. At that time, you may then renew the account, withdraw and use your money, or transfer funds to another type of account.


Cashable Fixed Deposit:

This flexible option pays a premium return that exceeds the regular savings rate but still allows you to access your funds before the agreed maturity date or cash out your account (principal and interest accrued to date) at any time. Either way is without any penalty.


Laddering Your Fixed Deposits:

Initial Investment Laddering refers to staggering the maturity dates of the fixed deposits in your portfolio. This strategy ensures that a portion of your investment is accessible each year and minimises the impact of interest rate fluctuations. For instance, if interest rates drop just prior to the maturity date of one of your fixed deposits, only a portion of your fixed deposit portfolio will be affected. Laddering also maximises your returns by moving your investment toward long-term fixed deposits, which generally pay higher rates.


Just come in to any CIBC Caribbean branch and talk with any of our Personal Bankers. You don’t need to stand in line; go directly to the Customer Service desk.

Bring one piece of valid picture identification (e.g. driver’s licence, national ID or passport) plus acceptable proof of your current address, such as a utility bill.

You do not have to visit a branch to renew your Fixed Deposit. At maturity, it will automatically roll over into a new term. We’ll send you confirmation and details.

Speak to a Sales Specialist in a nearby branch to find out more and apply for your Fixed Deposit today.

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